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TECNICELPA – Portuguese Association for the Technicians of Pulp and Paper Industries – a non-profitable professional association, was born under the sign of the old paper makers. It has adopted, as the symbol of its flag, the shield of the “Corporation of the Artists” from the old Holland, as well as the old water mark with the ox head, common in this specific art of the papermakers, symbolizing the strength of word and the creative art on a blue background which represents the non-dispensable water for the manufacture of pulp and paper.
This association was formed in 1980 and has presently aprox. 400 individual members (technicians) and 100 collective members (companies).

It has been awarded for its activity merit with a certificate of collective person of public utility, by dispatch of the Prime Minister on 26th July 2000.

It has as its main target the technical, professional, scientific promotion and improvement of its members, within the Pulp and Paper Industries, and other related Sectors of recognized interest. Organizes Technical Seminars, such as short lasting actions yielding Information and Training about the most varied themes, with no state or community support what so ever. Maintains an useful supportive cooperation with the Universities of Beira Interior, Aveiro and Coimbra, as well as the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, through protocols aiming technical specialization courses for the technicians in this area.

The association has instituted the “Tecnicelpa Award” attributed every second year, with the purpose of stimulating the production of technical and scientific works amongst Companies, Universities and Investigation Institutes which develop its activity in the areas of the Forest, Pulp and Paper.

Since the beginning, TECNICELPA has been a reference for this sector boards and companies, being its Annual Meeting (presently every second year) the most relevant one in the calendar of updated news in the pulp and paper area in Portugal.

In these forums, the latest developments are presented in this specific area, covering aspects related to raw-material, technologies, human resources, product quality and protection of the environment.

As a member of Eucepa – Comité Européen de Liaison pour le Celulose et le Papier - centred in Paris and congregating 14 European associations, it participates actively in the interchanges between those and has agreements with IPE and protocols with the related Brazilian association (ABTCP).

It has the «info@tecnicelpa», an information newsletter, edited every four months, yielding relevant facts of the pulp and paper industry to its members and information about the actual life of the Association.
The Association is ruled by its own regulations and it is conducted by the Board of Directors defined in the organizational body structure, whose replacement is done every two years.

The Executive Board has a Consulting Board from which information may be obtained about the life of the Association, as well as a scientific Committee composed of individualities within this industry and universities.



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